Winter Trees

Winter Trees

50cm x 40cm. Oil on canvas

A portrait of my daughter.

I painted this oil on canvas a couple of years ago when my daughter was 18 months old. It was based on sketches and observation as she played around me in the studio, her hair and skin tones were important to me.


Still Life Paintings from 2008 – 2010

Below are a series of still life paintings that I did in the studio during 2008-2010. Those were the days when I could leave things untouched on a table to paint because now I share my ‘studio’ with a hurricane called Two Small Monsters! Although the mess on the ground does make for some inspiring compositions its a matter of time to capture it, you have to be quick. Very Quick!

The Empty Hoover Box. Oil on Canvas, 70cm x 100cm

Last Years Table. Oil on Canvas 80cm x 80cm
The Table

Untitled. Oil on canvas 80cm x 80cm
imageThe Surgeon’s Coat. Oil on linen 60cm x 100cm

The Sofa. Oil on canvas 70cm x 80 cm
imagePinboard. oil on canvas 40cm x 50cm

imageClutter on a Table, oil on linen 50cm x 70cm.

La Pineta, Maralunga. Oil on Board, 20cm x 25 cm

La Pineta was painted last summer during a day at the beach with my family. In the distance you can see the Isola of Tino and Porto Venere.
La pineta


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