Rainy Days

Rainy Days. Oil on wood, 25cm x 35cm.

I don’t know about you but here in the north of Italy it has rained for the whole of June. Where is Summer? This is a study of my daughter who sits still long enough for me to paint, even though it’s nearly summer most days it feels like April!

In this painting I needed alot of Cadmium Red Light for the sofa which is an very intense orange/red – a really bright, bright red!  Other reds verging towards crimson are more darker and duller. I also really noticed while painting this how much cadmium yellow and red pigment I needed to mix into my palette to try and get that cozy artificial light coming in.

Cadmium is expensive to buy but worth every penny. High quality artist’s grade paints generally contain far more pigment than the cheaper student paints so in the long run you use less and they last much longer, both in the tube and on your painting. Once I ground a few tubes of my own cadmium red and that tube really did last along time, it was worth all the effort but now too unhealthy to make your own paints with children about!

12 thoughts on “Rainy Days”

  1. Nice painting. I was in Italy (Gardone) during May and the weather then was much the same. Virtually no sunshine at all and wet drizzle much of the time. Just finished an oil painting of Malcesine.

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  2. You really nailed the light on the couch Anna! The texture of the couch is terrific. The whole painting works well, and lucky you have you have a subject willing to sit so still for you while you paint! Thanks for sharing this… always a pleasure to see your new work. ~Rita

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  3. An amazing painting Anna – perfect mood for the day. Love the feel to the scene, the various textures, colors from couch to the area rug and wall hanging, The cat and her best friend, very special!!

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