If you are looking for a painting especially painted for you then I am here to help. I will paint from life or from photographs. Please head over to my Portraits page where I specialise in childrens portraits.  A couple of examples below:

Portraits in Oil:

a Portrait of my Daughter
A Portrait of Winnie. 40cm x 50cm, oil on linen.

Portraits in Charcoal:

Marmaduke Grylls. Charcoal on paper.

If it is possible I prefer to paint directly from life, however if the sitter is too young to pose for me then I prefer take my own photograph of the person that I will be painting or drawing. Many people ask “do you paint from photographs?” and the answer is yes, although it is prefered to paint or draw from life especially when mixing colours for oil paint. You cannot beat the natural light that reflects from the face and the delicate colours of the skin that a photo will not always show. Anyhow we live in the fast lane nowadays and a photo can always be a successful option. If it is not possible then I will be equally happy to paint from your own photograph.

Would you be interested in a painting of your house?

In the Garden
In the Garden. 30cm x 40cm, oil on linen.

I love the feeling and the joy that a painting of a house can bring, it is the heart of our lives, where memories are forever living. A painting painted from life is the best approach wherever possible!

Or maybe a portrait of your pet?

Perhaps you would like a drawing or an oil painting of a furry friend or even one with feathers? I am able to paint from life or preferably in this case (not even my border collie will keep still for 30 seconds) from a photograph.


For more information please contact me

Prices range from:

Charcoal Portraits £150 – £300
Oil Portraits £500+ *
Pet Portraits in Charcoal £120
Pet Portraits in Oil £250
*Prices can range by the size and complexity of the artwork, depending on how many heads/hands there are on one canvas etc. Please contact me and we can chat about what you would like.