Here is a selection of childrens portraits, some painted in oil and others in charcoal and sanguine pencil. If you are interested in a portrait please visit: commission a portrait

Teo 2020. Graphite and charcoal on paper. 50 cm x 40cm
A Portrait of my Daughter. 40cm x 50cm, oil on linen.
Sleeping Children. Oil on wood, 20cm x 30cm.
Rainy Days. Oil on wood, 25cm x 35cm.
Oil on Board. 20cm x 25cm
Winnie Sleeping, Sanguine on paper. 25cm x 35cm.
Inigo, pencil and charcoal on paper.
Inigo, Graphite on paper
Winnie 12 months. Charcoal on paper.
Eliza. Charcoal on paper.
The Hicksbeach Children. Charcoal on paper.


Huckleberry Grylls. Charcoal on paper
Marmaduke Grylls. Charcoal on paper.
Huckleberry Grylls. Charcoal on paper.
Harry and Coco sent me a photo of their framed charcoal drawings.

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