My Children Sleeping. Oil on wood, 20cm x 30cm.

Aaaaah it’s that time of day again, when it’s all quiet apart from the sounds of sleeping children. The golden hour. It is both exciting to be a parent and to be a painter, life generally becomes more complicated but richer at the same time and if you mix the two together it becomes creatively rewarding when time is on you side!


15 thoughts on “Sleeping.”

  1. I totally agree, I have a 10 year old and a 5 year old and I to look forward to my painting time when they are asleep. They look so precious, the painting looks so soft and tranquil, peaceful. I looks beautiful!

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  2. I just love this Anna! (I think I say that about all your paintings Anna!) But I really do. There is such a wonderful sense of light in this, and oh how you have captured a moment in time. Its terrific. I feel the same way about being a parent and artist, and love when I have the opportunity to combine the two. When my son was an infant I did a series of conte stick drawings of him sleeping. It was such a wonderful time.
    Thanks for sharing this! ~Rita

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    1. Thank you Rita for being so supportive! I can imagine your drawings of you son are beautiful like all your other paintings. I agree we paint so we dont forget, and these sort of moments are the most precious!


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