The Beginning of March.

In these two sketches from life I aimed to capture the movement in what was infront of me instead of fussing over a bigger composition and trying to make a more interesting picture. A raging torrent after a big storm and a sun filled, bright yellow Mimosa tree that was exploding with yellow flowers are just a couple of March’s crazy offerings.

Today it is International Womans Day and it  seemed a good day to post a picture of Mimosa (in Italy it is the number 1 flower today!) and lets give hope and courage to women and their familes fleeing from war torn countries.

Branch of a Mimosa Tree. Oil on board, 20cm x 30cm.
Sketch of a Torrent. Oil on board, 20cm x 30cm.

12 thoughts on “The Beginning of March.”

  1. Both paintings are brilliant and exciting – fresh with energy from two different perspectives. My favorite is the yellow mimosa tree, wonderful loose yellow strokes against the blue sky – awesome!

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    1. Thankyou Rita, yes its funny how around here reminds me of some of the more wooded places in the US aswell, although i’ve only seen them on film/photo/paintings etc.!


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