The Orange Tree and La Damigiana.

Orange Tree and a Damigiana. Oil on canvas, 30cm x 40cm.


Finding a title for a painting is a sometimes a struggle! I chose this view because I liked the effect of the afternoon light on the house and the orange tree with the glass damigiana in the foreground but when it came to finding a title nothing very interesting came up.  In Italy the glass bottle in the foreground is called a ‘damigiana’ and in English a ‘demijohn’.  The word damigiana is definently a more elegant term than the blunter English word demijohn which I wouldn’t have put in the title !

Traditionally in Italy a damigiana is used for wine making and you are always sure to find a good selection of empty ones like this in most rural Italian families although nowadays they are used less due to the more modern ways of wine making. Except you can’t beat a damigiana full of wine compared to a bottle!

8 thoughts on “The Orange Tree and La Damigiana.”

  1. Hi Anna,
    This is really lovely. I really like the light you captured. I know what you mean about finding a title for paintings…. I struggle with that myself sometimes. Sometimes you know what they will be called as you are painting, and others I just sit in front of and sit in front of and nothing seems right. Anyway, I like the title on this one! Thanks for sharing it. ~Rita

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  2. Thanks for using a large image so we’re able to look up really close at your beautiful brushstrokes. Your blues are working wonders against all the warmer colors, giving the painting a great balance. Are those lavender in the foreground? Oh, I love Italy ❤

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