Here are a few paintings of what wasn’t eaten…

5 Red Mullets. 32cm x 26cm, oil on wood.
Peas and a Bowl. 35cm x 45cm, oil on wood.

…except in this painting so far most has been eaten, it is our polytunnel during the winter months – as long as salad is popular no one will starve!

Salads in the Polytunnel. 70cm x 55cm, oil on canvas.
Radishes. 17cm x 30cm, oil on wood.

10 thoughts on “Lunchtime.”

  1. So love your landscapes and colours , keep me posted when you expose or sell as cousin Bettina would love to Aquire one day , Hope you are all well and enjoying the spring , even after 28 years of living here I get home sick fro the spring there . Love to you all Bx

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    1. Thankyou! Yes i will definently keep you posted and if you like anything just let me know. Spring is just about to bloom, all the buds are out and enjoying the rain this week – primroses and daffodils just about finishing before everything suddenly turns green! Come and stay when you are next over xx


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