Summer Evenings…

Winnie Drawing.  Oil on board, 20cm x 30cm.
Winnie Drawing (with Gwen and Lenny). Oil on board, 20cm x 30cm.

My favourite time of day for painting is in the early evening, around 5pm when the light is softer and the shadows a little longer. I am glad to show my daughter that painting or drawing nature is a valuable lesson and it is helpful for her to notice the small and simple things as well as all the wonderful colours that it offers which can sometimes go unoticed. P.S. My dog Gwen who is a retired sheepdog likes to keep watch over the cat now that she has no sheep!

4 thoughts on “Summer Evenings…”

  1. A lovely scene and it’s awesome that your daughter is being creative outdoors. That’s such an awesome way to grow up! Also really stoked about the composition on this with the juxtaposition of the flow-y, organic shadows and plant shapes and the angularity of the patio. So cool!

    p.s. dogs are the best. my old collie used to herd the young un’s when they got too rowdy 😛

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    1. Thanks so much Sam! Yep, she is lucky because she really enjoys it and I think its great when you can entertain yourself with drawing and being creative. As for the dog, she is always on the move too, cats or children – the choice is hers!

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